Experts in Fund Administration. Because We're Fund Managers too.

We have rich experience and expertise in providing accounting and fund administration services, having managed more than $1 billion of our own funds since 1985. Given our unique perspective, we began offering these services to outside venture capital and private equity funds in 2015. Today we provide services to over 40 pools of capital. 

Fund accounting is as confusing as it is complex. Unlocking the mystery for our fund clients is a priority goal.

Have you ever wondered …

  • Why the allocation and distribution sections of your partnership agreement are so wordy?
  • How often you should call capital?
  • How realized vs. unrealized portfolio gains are reflected in your fund financials?
  • What is included in a Fund IRR calculation?
  • How to decide whether to recycle or distribute liquidation proceeds?
  • How the distribution waterfall works at different stages in the fund life cycle?
  • Whether expenses are paid by the Fund, the General Partner or the management company?
  • How the lines on a Schedule K-1 impact your investors and why Fund expenses are not deductible by them?
  • Why you should consider a separate management company?
  • Why auditors ask for so much information?
  • How fair market value measurements relates to your assessment of an investment?
  • What your liability would be in a carry clawback scenario?

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We Do More than Accounting

Meritage offers equity and expertise to drive growth – from EOS® implementation, to equity investment and fund administration services.