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Stacey McKittrick

Fund Partner

Stacey joined Meritage with extensive experience in all aspects of raising and managing venture capital funds.  She works closely with fund clients to streamline their fundraising process and to help them understand the practical implications of complex partnership agreements.  She also assists fund managers on a variety of operational issues, including the development of portfolio management and investor reporting practices, and with portfolio investment matters.   Stacey enjoys the professional challenge of making regulatory compliance and the annual audit season as painless as possible.

Stacey earned her Bachelor’s in English from The College of William and Mary.   Before joining Meritage, she was a co-founder and CFO of Appian Ventures, an SBIC fund; the founding principal of Timberlake-BEC, Inc., an operating company and venture fund consulting firm; a vice president of the Centennial Funds; and a senior corporate paralegal with Kirkland & Ellis.   Stacey’s most valuable “lessons learned” have come from raising sons and striving to outwit garden weeds.

Canine crush: Sarge, a basset hound-bulldog mix, enjoys napping almost as much he does sleeping.

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